The best places for networking in college


Okay, let’s be honest, networking is crucial when you’re in college – it’s one of the most important skills you have. Networking is building for the future and investing the time and effort necessary to make gains in the future. You need to make sure you are networking whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now, this is something you have the opportunity to do throughout college life.

You will encounter plenty of situations where you can network, and you have to be emboldened, and do what you can to strike up conversations, and start a dialogue. This is how you get people to notice you, and one of the ways you can be sure you make a good impression. Because networking is such an essential part of college life, these are some of the key ways to network while you’re in college.

Use your clubs and societies

When you attend college, you will have the opportunity to join plenty of clubs and societies. These all allow you to do things you enjoy and socialize with people who share similar interests with you. Sure, these might be fellow students, but a few of them might have experienced opportunities of their own, or may even know about opportunities they can tell you about. This is definitely an untapped resource that not enough people actually take advantage of.

Email people

Unsolicited emails might sound annoying, but they are actually much less annoying than unsolicited phone calls. This is a really great way of getting in touch with people who might normally be considered out of reach. Reaching out to people you don’t know, but admire, is a great way of showing initiative and making your presence known. Sure, most of the time it might come to nothing, but there is a chance it might yield a positive outcome, and you could develop a strong relationship from taking this approach.

Get a part-time job

Look, we understand that when you’re a student, the last thing you want to do is work a part-time job. You are far too busy thinking about partying and sleeping to bother with pesky work – but this is a wonderful way of networking. You can use the contacts you already have in your job to try to strengthen your position and create more opportunities for yourself. You might even be able to secure a potential position of employment straight out of college, which will certainly get you off on the right track!

Meet with professors

Your professors are there to help you above everything else. Yes, they are there to teach their classes, but there’s no reason you can’t meet and talk with them as well. This is something that not a lot of people will be considering so you will be at a definite advantage by doing this. You can arrange meetings with them, or speak to them after classes, and this is something that could wind up changing your life.

Networking is one of the most important things you can do in the college world. And you need to understand the best ways of going about networking as successfully as you can. The more you can do, and the more opportunities will happen for you, and you can take advantage of those. Do as much as possible to network during your time in college; you might be surprised how many doors you open.