How to look confident?

Confident people were not simply born looking confident. There, is in fact, a science behind looking confident and it is something that they understand, and portray through their body language, sometimes consciously and sometimes without even realizing.  Here are some of the things they do that shows their confidence.


Firstly, they act confident through their body language. People notice this a lot more than we think and is of utter importance. One aspect of confident body language includes staying still.  By keeping your head as well as chin up it gives off the message that you have no fear of threats. People who keep their chins down tend to be anxious.

In addition, keeping your head still, will show that you are not looking out for any threats.  Anxious people are always looking around for a reason.  Standing up straight portrays confidence, as well as authority. Slouching, on the other hand, comes off as tired, lazy, disinterested and unprofessional. If you stand strong and comfortably you will display that feel good in your own two feet.

Having an open and wide stance also shows that you feel comfortable in your situation, whereas having a closed stance gives off a message of a lack of confidence. Aim to keep your legs in line the same between your hips and shoulders.  When you sit down, aim to lean comfortably into your seat. If you sit forward with your legs twitching this will come off as completely nervous and not at ease.  And it is also important to keep your arms rather tamed.

The way you control your arms can make or break how confident you appear. Do not wave them around and try to keep their out of your pockets when you are having a conversation.


Another significant aspect of confidence is being relaxed.  Try to move calmly and move at steady pace. Do not throw your body around, but this also does not mean you should walk around in slow motion.

Take sizeable strides to get to your destination. It is also important to speak slowly, as nervous people speak very quickly and then are not understood.  When speaking, it is also useful to use pauses, instead of using filler words such as um and like. Pauses if they are used correctly can go very long away. This will also leave people in more anticipation for the next thing you are going to say.  It is also beneficial to avoid covering yourself and open up.

Confident people are not threatened and use their body language to show that.  Expressing yourself can also be very advantageous, as using positive emotions such as happiness and love you can get through to both people’s minds as well as their hearts.  And sometimes you just have to fake it. It is not always so easy to be naturally confident, and therefore acting as though you are might be the only way to get your body thinking it really is.

Being direct is also crucial when it comes to looking confident. Making eye contact is probably the most important factor in confidence. A firm handshake also always shows a sign of confidence and no one likes a weak one. Face people or even slightly leaning in can show interest which also makes you appear more confident.  Furthermore, act interested in other people however not interpret. Show that you are confident enough to not even have to show off.  Make sure your gestures are controlled and limited.


It is also important to choose the words you use carefully. Do not confuse being confident with being arrogant. You cannot always be right, and confidence includes accepting this. Arrogance, on the other hand is the refusal to accept this. Being open to other views is the sign of a truly self-confident person. Show this through your actions, rather than just your words. And do not put people down or compare yourself to others. Confident people feel good in their own skin without the need to look at what other people are doing.